Arm lift surgery, What you should know about?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Arm lift surgery is an operation that removes the sagging of the arms due to excessive and rapid weight gain or aging. Sagging in the arms affects people physically and psychologically, preventing them from acting freely in their lives. Not being able to wear the tight or short-sleeved clothes they want. Nowadays, we can solve this problem very easily and in a short time with an arm lift operation.

The loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging could change the look of the body such as sagging of the arm’s skin from the back and inner parts to the elbow. Apart from the signs of aging, arms sagging can also be seen in people who gain and lose a lot of weight very quickly. These problems can disturb the person, limits their preferences, and negatively affects their social life. 


How is arm lift surgery performed?

Arm lift surgery is determined by the surgeon depending on the arm sagging condition and the thickness of the adipose tissue. If the patient who wants to have the surgery is young and has arm sagging due to weight gain and loss, liposuction is performed at first and then the sagging skin of the arm is surgically removed. Arm lift surgery takes an average of 90 minutes for each arm and is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s condition, the patient stays in the hospital for at least one day. With pain relief and antibiotic treatment, it is ensured that the process is less painless.


All information shared with the doctor or the medical team will not be shared without the consent of approval of the patient


We make sure that the patient is knowing all the details of the operation in order to explain  what to expect after the operation


We always strive to provide the necessary efforts to provide the highest quality of professional services to all patients without exception

Will there be any scars in arm lift surgery

Will there be any scars in arm lift surgery?” The question is the concern of many people who are planning to undergo the surgery. Sagging in the arms is not unidirectional, it can be transverse and longitudinal. In this operation, excess skin is removed in the transverse and longitudinal directions. If there is a transverse excess in the sagging skin, it is almost impossible to see the scar. When removing the hanging skin, some marks remain. However, this mark is not visible on the arm when it is viewed from the front or back. It will remain on the inside of the arm and as the skin heals, the visibility of the scar will decrease and disappear.

The most important factor for the scar in arm lift surgery is the knowledge and experience of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. 

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