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Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Aesthetic operations becoming more and more important nowadays as we are in the 2020s. Although it is not only about ear and nose aesthetics, we should say that plastic surgery can be performed for almost every part of the body. At this point, 360 degree body lifting operation is required for those who have sagging all over their body due to a number of reasons.


What is 360 degree body lift surgery?

360 degree body lift has different names such as body lifting, girdle surgery or belt lipectomy. A 360 degree body lift is recommended for those who want a lifting effect in the body area, those who wish certain areas to recover and those who wish to have a younger body. Also many people today gain weight due to sedentary life and frequent consumption of fast food. The number of people struggling with obesity is increasing day after day. In order to eliminate the problem of excess weight, patients who have undergone gastric surgery will experience sagging after the surgery. 360 degree body lifting can be performed in order to eliminate sagging after gastric surgery.

360 degree body lift is demanded not only by those who lose weight by surgery but also by women who have sagging after giving birth. However, we should state that this operation is not a weight loss operation. On the contrary, it should be done after the patient loss weight. In body lifting surgery, fat extraction is made from the outer part of the thighs and the coccyx, especially the abdomen and hip area. After the removal of fat, the sagging skin can be made more tight.

Although 360 degree body lifting is a beneficial operation, we must clarify that it is not suitable for everyone. It is a suitable operation for people with a body mass index of 30 or less. At this point, those who want to find their body mass index can divide their weight and height by the square. If the result after the procedure is 30 or less, it may be possible to have a 360 degree body lift surgery. It is very normal for people to have some sagging in their bodies. After intense diet and exercise programs sagging occurs in the body of those who lose serious weight. Also, sagging occurs in the abdominal area after birth. In order to find a solution for sagging in the body, sports and exercise programs can be used. However, it should be clarified that if this is done, the problem of sagging will take a long time. As a result, the best solution to create a lifting effect in the body in only one session and to have a much more tense body will be 360 ​​degree body lifting aesthetic operations.


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How to perform 360 degree body lifting?

Body lift aesthetic operation is performed under general anesthesia as it is valid for many aesthetic operations. We have to be clear that it is a long and serious surgery. Its duration varies from five to seven hours. During the operation a long incision is first made, approximately eight to ten cm below the belly button. In other words, under the underwear. Two drains are placed in the performed area for fluids to be collected during surgery. During the next stage, excess fat is removed from the abdomen and outer part of the thighs. If excess skin is detected, this skin is cut. The remaining skin after the operation is stretched and the surgery is completed with aesthetic stitches.

A corset is worn in the patient’s abdomen area after body lifitng. As everyone knows, corset is a clothing that been recommended for patients to wear after many aesthetic operations. Thanks to the corset, the sutures that occur with surgery are kept tight. In other words, the body heals faster. Due to the operation that lasts between five and seven hours, the patient should be kept under observation at the hospital for one day after the operation. Also a urinary catheter is inserted into the patient. It is aimed by this way to be more comfortable in daily activities. After staying at the hospital for a night, the patient can go home the next day, if there is no problem.

360 degree body lift surgery is not a very risky operation. However, it still has some risks since it is a surgical operation. The patient may have pain, especially on the first day after the operation. At this point, it can be much more comfortable with painkillers. It would be the right decision for the patient to consume liquid foods, especially in the first days. The drains mentioned above are removed after two days of surgery. Abdominal corset should be used for four to six weeks. However, after six weeks of the operation, everyone will notice that the body looks tighter and thinner.

“Although 360 degree body lifting is a beneficial operation, we must clarify that it is not suitable for everyone. It is a suitable operation for people with a body mass index of 30 or less.“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

What to consider before 360 degree body lift?

360 degree body lift operation takes longer than other aesthetic operations. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare much more carefully for the operation. It is imperative that the doctor who will perform the surgery examine the patient’s blood. At this point, if necessary, supportive treatments will be applied to the patient for surgery. In additional, it is recommended for smokers to stop smoking starting from three weeks before the surgery to three weeks after surgery. Because smoking delays the healing process in this type of surgery.

Excessive sunbathing should be avoided before body lifting surgery. Because, body and skin resistance will decrease due to sunbathing. In additional, it is necessary to avoid excessive sun in the preoperative period. Vitamin E and aspirin should also be discontinued before the surgery. We must say that these types of drugs with blood thinning effects are never recommended. Since Body lift surgery represents a serious process before and after the operation, if the patient has a cold before the operation, the operation will be postponed. In fact, a drawing is made to plan the pre-operative procedure. By this way, a comparison will be made before and after surgery. In other words, it is checked whether the operation is successful or not.

What to consider after 360 degree body lift?

After the 360 degree body lift surgery, the patient will lie in a position that the doctor deems appropriate. By this way, the tension that occurs in the operated area is trying to be reduced. In cases the patient is in pain, it is recommended to bend the legs and bring them closer to the trunk, and at the same time to bring the body to a lying position from the waist. In additional, the patient is asked to move his legs frequently, especially during the first hours after surgery.

As we mentioned before, an abdominal corset will be provided to the patient after the operation in order to completely grasp the abdominal area. It should be said that the pressure of this corset is adjustable. Thanks to the corset, the operation area will not remain motionless in any way. Also, any swelling will be prevented. The patient will not be allowed to eat anything in the first few hours after the surgery. The patient is allowed to eat soft food after comfortably gassing by consuming liquid food. During this period, more frequent but less food will be required. In additional, gas-producing food should be avoided.

We can say that the first 24 hours after surgery are the most troublesome. However, thanks to the sharp painkillers that the patient have taken from the doctor, can help to get through the first day without any problems.


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Questions and Answers

Staying for one or two nights in the hospital after the operation for monitoring, and after the operation for at least 7 days for examination and review by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 10 days, considering to  follow the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 3-6 hours, depending on each patient condition. 

The patient must be over 18 years old and their health condition allows the operation to be performed, all patients who suffer from body sagging in the abdomen, sides and back are suitable for the surgery. The plastic surgeon must be consulted before deciding the operation, as the operation is not suitable for everyone.

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