Botox for men (Brotox)

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Botox application is not only done for women but also possible to do for men. Brotox is known as Botox application for men. It also has different names. You can also witness that it takes place in different places as Brotox. Brotox has become much more popular especially in recent years. While it is known that men did not pay much attention to their care during the past years, today men also get their share of care and aesthetic processes.


What is Brotox?

Botox applications applied to men and women considering that they have different features. First of all, men’s muscle structure and strength are much different than women. Therefore, botox application should be specially planned for men. Facial aesthetics become more important for men every day. The number of people who think that they look old because of wrinkles in their face is increasing. We should also state that these wrinkles cause the person to look much more exhausted, tired and anxious in addition to looking older. At this point, many men resort to plastic surgery in order to reduce the aging effect in their face.

As we have mentioned before, Brotox aims to protect the masculine expression on the face. It is specially designed according to the characteristic facial structure and facial expressions of each man. However, some factors should be taken into consideration during botox application. First of all, it is not common for men to apply botox around the eyes and crow’s feet, as in women. The reason for this is that wrinkles do not occur in these areas as it is for women. In men, although it varies according to the person, botox application is used mostly for the forehead, under-eye bagging and laughing muscles.

Brotox is indeed different. We have to explain that it is not applied as tense and smooth as it is for women. In addition, an extremely minimal injection is applied in order to suit the age and the structure of the face. At this point, it is extremely important to not create a confused and completely tense expression in the face as well as preventing frostbite in facial expressions. In other words, it is important to preserve the sharp lines in men’s facial structure and facial expression. Because, if behaved as feminine expression on men’s faces. Therefore, Brotox application should be done by people who are experts in botox application for men.

Brotox is not an application that should be done often as it is thought. It is important to apply it twice a year, every six months. The injections used in Brotox are a purified protein. However, some patients wonder how reliable the application is? At this point, we should say that there will be no problems in terms of safety if it is performed with low dose and minimal applications.

Brotox has indeed been popular in recent years. However, it is not possible to say that men have this application done to look young. We should clarify that Brotox application is used in order to look better, more attractive, fit and more rested. Brotox is known as a minimally invasive method. Even though, it must be done by expert surgeons. In this way, it becomes possible to have a natural, healthy, fit and energetic appearance without any signs of botox.

The number of people who are benefiting from Brotox application is increasing day after day. The reason for this is that appearance becomes important in business life. Due to the prolongation of business life and the need to look presentable and energetic, men apply to botox application that is specially designed for them. In conclusion, we should say that Brotox application is a serious advantage for those who want to have a more dynamic, energetic and positive appearance.


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What are the advantages of botox application for men?

Thanks to Botox injection, it is possible to maintain a youthful appearance. Brotox, which is widely used all over the world temporarily reduces the movement of the muscles in the area where it was injected. By this way, it prevents excessive use of mimic that causes wrinkling of the skin. In addition, it relaxes the muscles in the area of slight wrinkles and allows these muscles to be straighten. In botox application for men, it is injected into the points with very few wrinkles. Thanks to the injected drug, the situation of the nerves that prevent the muscles from signaling to reach the facial muscles we mentioned is eliminated.

With Brotox application, the movements of the muscles are restricted for an average of four months. The injected drug prevents the release of acetylcholine by preventing the contraction of muscle cells. Thanks to this medication, there is a serious decrease in abnormal muscle contraction that does not allow the muscles to harden. In other words, the fine lines and wrinkles that first appeared with are eliminated botox. In addition, existing lines that sit on the face are also provided to settle down.

Brotox application has many advantages. It is known as the lunch break aesthetic for many people. The reason for this is that it can be applied in only 15 minutes. In addition, unlike other aesthetic procedures, routine life continues uninterruptedly after the injection. There is no question of any rest or hospital observation. Brotox should be performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is an expert in the field, as it is valid in every aesthetic operation. At this point, we should clarify that knowing only the injection technique is not enough to continue the operation. In other words, those who want the botox application to result in a natural appearance should work with a specialist who knows which muscle and in what amount and at the same time is aware of which points it should be applied.

“Botox is a procedure that anyone can take. It has been considered a very safe treatment since ancient times ”

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Things to know about Brotox

There are some questions that those who will have botox application for the first time in their life wonder about the answer. First of all, we must say that no pain will be felt during the injection. In addition, it is not even possible to have scars as in other aesthetic operations. We should clarify that symptoms such as redness, bruising and swelling do not occur after the application, but only if the genetic condition of the person is suitable for this.

After the Brotox application, it is possible for men to continue their lives without any problems. However, those who want to do cardio or lift weights are advised to wait for a few days. Extremely hot environments such as baths and saunas should be avoided. It is recommended to stay away from chlorine for a day or two. Protecting from the sun and moisturizing the skin is among other actions to be taken.

Brotox is indeed a very advantageous application. First of all, wrinkle formation is prevented. In addition, existing wrinkles are also treated. By this way, it is possible to look younger at least five and at most ten years old. Botox application should be used for men in order to treat horizontal lines in the forehead area, vertical between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, smile lines on the lip edges, and vertical lines on the lips.

There are other issues that are important when applying botox for men. The type of botox material that will be used is important. Also, the frequency of administration is important. It would be a right decision to have botox once or twice a year by paying attention to these criteria. As we mentioned before, it is recommended by many experts to have it done twice a year. At this point, as the needs vary from person to another, it will be right for the patient to determine the duration. It is necessary to repeat the injection, especially when the wrinkles return.


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Questions and Answers

 Botox injection considered a simple procedure, so there is no need for an overnight stay at the hospital, In fact  the patient can continue their life immediately after the injection

The patient can return to work immediately after the botox injection 

The duration ranges from 15-30 minutes, depending on the session or sessions suggested by the doctor

Anyone over 18 years can do Botox after consulting with the specialist doctor. 

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