Botox injections, is it harmful, are there any side effects of it?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Botox injections are a solution for wrinkles that occur due to aging. There are many people who are not comfortable with themselves because of the lines on the skin. Botox injections are extremely popular in order to eliminate the problems that people have with their appearance. After the spread of social media, the number of people wondering about Botox injection is increasing rapidly. However, it is not possible to find a permanent solution to the problems we mentioned with botox. The effectiveness of botox, which lasts for four to six months, varies from one person to another. In addition, many people considering botox have the question of whether botox is harmful or not.


Botox, What are the side effects of it?

Botox can be harmful in some cases. First of all, we should mention that it has a number of side effects. In addition, the risk of botox poisoning is among the most obvious harms of botox. In addition, we should mention that there is a risk of stroke. Botox has benefits such as eliminating wrinkles in the face and preventing weakening in the muscles for both men and women.

Botox removes all the signs of aging in the face in the most comfortable and trouble-free way. However, it would be a serious mistake for those who are considering botox to attempt such an action without consulting a doctor. Because it is a much more serious procedure than expected. It should be stated that the damages of botox will be reduced to the maximum level if it is performed by reliable and experts in this field. In addition, we should say that some centers that apply botox want figures far below the average. Although this may seem like an advantage, it can be a situation like a stew of cheap meat. Generally, non-specialists work in such under-ladder centers. Due to the unconscious and uninformed procedures, situations such as paralysis may occur in the person due to botox.

Injecting serum or water under the name of Botox shows itself as another potential problem. However, if a different liquid other than medicine is given to the body, a situation such as botox poisoning may occur. Another side effect of Botox is on the eyelids. If it slips to a close point to the eyelid, it may hang down temporarily. However, we should state that the probability of this situation occurring is extremely low.


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