Breast Augmentation

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Aesthetics are much more important for women. In particular we can say that breast aesthetic operations have a vital importance in terms of appearance. It is possible to say that women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts feel bad! There are even those who restrict themselves from social life just because of this reason. However, we must say that problems with breast are no longer a fate thanks to breast augmentation operations. It is possible to reach breasts that look fuller and more aesthetic than normal. We should mention that plump and large breasts are an important issue for women in order to look more aesthetic, feminine and attractive.

The history of breast augmentation surgery is very old. Breast implant surgery was performed for the first time in 1895 at Heidelberg University in Germany, the fat tissue was removed from the patient’s hip and then placed in the breast area. In other words, the first breast aesthetic operation in history were made.

Along with the 1950s, there have been important developments in breast aesthetic operations. The use of breast prostheses has taken its place as an important development. Prostheses used in those years was made of polyethylene. In 1962, a silicone breast implant was made for the first time. With this surgery, the patient’s breasts were raised from B cup to C cup.

As of today, we can say that breast prostheses have improved themselves over the years. Along with long-lasting breast prostheses, many women have flawless breasts that will not have any problems throughout their lives.


How is breast augmentation operation performed?

Breast augmentation has become very popular especially in recent years. The meaning of this operation is much for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts and want to change this situation immediately. We can say that it is a surgical procedure using silicone prostheses or one’s own body fat. It has been an operation for many years to enlarge breasts.

Having full and voluminous breasts is undoubtedly everyone’s dream. In particular women who have genetically small breasts avoid wearing low-cut clothes. Because that way, they don’t feel safe. On the other hand, we should express that breast augmentation surgery is widely performed with the development of aesthetic technology.

Small breasts are plumped in breast augmentation surgery. In this way, it is ensured that the person has her dream look. However, the prostheses and the amount of fat to be used in breast augmentation surgery varies according to the patient’s body size and the doctor’s recommendations. Also, we should be clear that breast augmentation surgery is a permanent procedure. However, with aesthetic operations, silicones can be removed and breasts can be restored if desired.

First of all, women will have much bigger breasts with breast augmentation surgery. And if there is an uneven breast appearance, with this surgery the appearance will be equalized. One of the biggest effects of the surgery is the proportioning of the breasts comparing to the body. If there is any sagging in the breast, we can say it will be corrected after the operation. Finally, the self-confidence will increase with breast augmentation surgery. The patient will have the freedom to wear any outfit they want. Perhaps this will be the greatest benefit for them.


All information shared with the doctor or the medical team will not be shared without the consent of approval of the patient


We make sure that the patient is knowing all the details of the operation in order to explain  what to expect after the operation


We always strive to provide the necessary efforts to provide the highest quality of professional services to all patients without exception

What to know about breast augmentation surgery?

Although the breast augmentation operation consists of details as mentioned before, we must say that not everyone who wants to undergo this operation is suitable. Those who want to undergo breast augmentation surgery must have certain factors. First of all, it is desirable that one of the breasts be bigger or smaller than the other. The small size of the breasts compared to the general structure of the body is another reason that requires to have the surgery. The operation can also be performed if the breasts shrink or sag after pregnancy or due to ageing.

As a result, breast augmentation surgery can be done by a person who has at least one of the above factors. Thanks to this operation, it comes to the fore to increase the comfort of the patient’s life. Women who want to be more confident and insist on wearing whatever they want should not miss the opportunity to have the operation. There are factors need to be taken into consideration while deciding on the size of the prosthesis during the breast augmentation operation such as; the general body structure, height and weight of the patient. At this point, a prosthesis with less breast tissue should be preferred in order not to have an unnatural appearance. In other words, during the selection of prostheses, natural results should be taken into consideration.

The patient should stay at the hospital for one day after breast augmentation. The patient can leave the hospital in the next day. However, it is risky for the patient to continue the normal life. Therefore, they should stay at home for a week to rest. Also, a sports bra (special corset) should be worn in order to avoid any damage to the breasts. Edema and bruises will be encountered as it is in other aesthetic operations. However, after three days after the operation, edema and bruises around the chest will gradually disappear. Bandages will be opened after two weeks after the operation. From this date on, the corset bra recommended by the operating doctor should be worn. The results will take around six months for the breasts in order to fully heal and take their normal shape.

Contrary to the popular belief, breast augmentation surgery takes a very short time. The desired results can be achieved with this operation between 1-1.5 hours. Two weeks must pass to fully recover. At this point, although the person is recommended to rest during the first week, there will be no problem with doing housework. It should be said that after the second week, the patient can return to normal life completely. In addition, we should be clear that the results of breast augmentation surgery are permanent. There will be no problems with the results of the operation, except for natural aging processes. The size is applied as desired for the patient during the operation. Also, the placement is checked during surgery.

Those who want to undergo this operation might have concerns about the best conditions they have to go under in order to get the best result. The best way to get successful results especially in breast prostheses operation is to combine the desired size with the natural appearance looking. The most appropriate method that can be applied to any woman who complains about having a small breast is breast prosthesis, which draws attention due to its fast, beautiful and trace-free method.

“Breast augmentation surgery should be performed for those who are physically and psychologically suitable for this operation.“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Who is suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery should be performed for those who are physically and psychologically suitable for this operation. It is an operation that will be preferred by those who do not have any physical problems. We should be clear that this operation is not suitable for everyone such as: those who are pregnant, those who have cancer disease, those who have obesity problems, those who suffer from diabetes.

Having small breasts causes many women to have self-esteem problems. However, the operation also has its limits. Therefore, it is necessary to have realistic expectations. Although it is necessary to have full and attractive breasts, the same results may not occur for everyone after the operation.

Being over the age of 20 is another necessary factor in order to have breast augmentation surgery. Because, the development of breasts is completed by the age of 20. Since breast development has not yet been completed for people younger than 20 years old, it will not be appropriate to perform this operation for them.

In addition to all this, the patient must consciously decide if the operation is suitable for them. This operation will be the right choice for those who think that their breasts are too small, who complain about their deformed breasts, or who think that their breasts are not equal.


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Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 5-6 days for an examination and control by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 7-10 days, keeping in mined that the patient should be following the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 2-4 hours, depending on each patient condition

People over the age of 18 and in good health condition 

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