Facelift Surgery

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

With the development of technology, the number of aesthetic operations is increasing day by day. There are different options in front of people due to a wider variety of aesthetic operations. At this point, we should be clear that face lift operation is among the most preferred aesthetic operations. A facelift operation is called rhytidectomy in medicine field. We should state that it is an operation where sagging and other problems, especially wrinkles on the face, are eliminated by stretching and hanging method.

Facial renewal operations are performed to eliminate all the problems that occur on the face when aging. Although it changes according to genetic and environmental factors, we can say that some percentage changes depending on the effect of aging for each person wrinkles, spots and sagging occur on the skin. We can express that unwanted situations occur on the face due to reasons such as a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol use, stress, especially bad living conditions.


What are the changes that can be occur that make someone think about Facelift surgery?

Lines around the eyes, especially low eyelids, bags and bruises under the eyes, forehead lines becoming more pronounced every day, droopy eyebrows, lines on the nose and lips, sagging cheeks, sagging under the chin, neck problems such as sagging and lines, staining on the skin, and dull skin appearance indicate the presence of aging.


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Details to know about Facelift surgery:

We can state that the problems in the forehead and neck area, especially the face, have been eliminated thanks to the face lift surgeries. In particular, it becomes possible to get rid of sagging and wrinkles. In addition, the reduced fat tissues are pulled to the necessary places. As a result, facelift surgery is suitable for those who complain from wrinkles and sagging problems in the face and neck area. We have to say that it is an operation that can be performed for both men and women. In general, it is preferred by people who are 40 years and over. However, it can also be performed for younger people when problems are noticed in an early age. Along with facelift surgery, nose surgery and or eyelid procedures, or eyebrow lift and or forehead correction operations can also be performed in the same session.

Since facelift surgery is a surgical operation, it is performed at the hospital or clinic environment. We can say that it can be applied with general or local anesthesia. It should be clear that the performed procedures will differ taking into considration the patient’s problems. Therefore, the duration of the operation varies between three and ten hours. After the surgery, those who wish can stay at the hospital for a day. It is also possible to be discharged on the same day. It is a serious operation due to the fact that multiple surgeries can be performed simultaneously with facelift surgery. Only a doctor who has been doing this job for years and has a high level of experience and knowledge should be performing this operation.

As with other aesthetic operations, a scar remains after face lift surgery. However, these traces are best kept by the doctor who performed the operation. We have to explain that the scar is hidden in the scalp or behind the ear just above the temple area. If the eyelid surgery is performed, which is a part of the facelift surgery, the traces that will occur after the operation are hidden especially in the folds of the eyelid.

“Facelift surgery can be performed for both men and women, and in general it is preferred for people over the age of 40 years. However it may also be performed for younger people when sagging problems are noticed at an early age“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

How is Facelift surgery performed?

Face lift surgery can be performed in different ways. We should explain that there are some face lift surgeries, mini, medium and full. Each surgery has different features from the other.

Mini face lift

We should state that it is less invasive activity compared to conventional facelift surgeries. Excess face is removed from the skin while stretching the soft tissues. In this way, a face with better contours is obtained. Mini facelift has multiple benefits. First of all, the operation time is shorter. Besides that, scars are smaller. Also, recovery time is shorter. In addition, the patient recover will be much more comfortably compared to other face lift surgeries.

Mini face lift is an ideal choice for those who suffer from milder facial sagging. Mini facelift is the best option if there are lines going down from the lip edge, especially the sagging at the chin edge and below. This operation is mostly preferred by patients between 30 and 50 years old. However, older patients may also benefit of it depending on their case.

In mini facelift operation, the incision starts from the front of the ear and extends to the back of the earlobe. In the next stage, the skin is removed to reveal the subcutaneous tissues. In addition, excess fat tissues are removed and made widespread towards the required areas. If there is a loose facial structure, it will be tightened. Finally, if there is an excess of facial skin, it is cut off. The remaining part of the skin is reassembled in order to obtain a much healthier and younger skin. In the last stage, the incisions are stitched very carefully. The scars are hidden in front of and behind the ear.

Medium face lift:

Medium face lift surgery is preferred as well as mini facelift surgery. It is an operation performed by making an incision through the eyelid just below the eye or through the mouth. The hanging parts in the defective area are also hung upwards. In this way, the face will have a much better shape. In addition, there is also an endoscopic Medium-facelift surgery. During this operation, an incision is made from the scalp part of the eye. With the help of the camera, inside is entered. The difference of Medium-facelift surgery is that endoscopy technology is also applied. Three- or four-mm cameras are used in such operations. With the cameras involved, all operations are done under the skin.

With Medium-facelift surgery, even the smallest tissues on the face are taken under control. As a result, a much younger and natural appearance is obtained. The forehead, cheeks, mouth, eye area and temples are stretched to provide a young appearance which is everyone’s dream.

Full face lift:

A full-face lift surgery is needed as well as mini and medium-face lift surgery. It is an operation that is generally performed to women or men aged 50 and over. It is performed for those who consult to a specialist doctor with an intense wrinkle, wrinkle or fatigue on the face. It is a very detailed operation. It should be stated that it is an extremely comprehensive process that includes the forehead, face, mid-face and lower face area except the neck.

In full facelift surgery, not only the skin is stretched, the soft tissue under the skin, called the fascia, should be separated from the nerves, stretched and shaped in the most appropriate way. If these issues are taken into consideration, we can state that the operation will be long. However, if the facelift surgery is not successful, we can say that the faces of the patients who underwent the operation will sag back after a while.

As a result, a solution is found for every problem with facelift surgery. It is an operation performed for everyone who need it.


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Questions and Answers

Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 6 days for the examination and control by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 10 days, keeping in mind that the patient should be following the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 2-5 hours, depending on each patient condition

People in good health condition and facing sagging in their faces

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