frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

The prominent ear is a nightmare problem for many people. Especially school-age children and teenagers who are often ridiculed for these problems. According to researches, it has been determined that a person with prominent ears has more psychological problems compared to other people.


Cause of the prominent ear problem

The prominent ear is the most common ear deformity in the society. We should say that the cartilage structure is very complex, as well as its three-dimensional nature, which is among the factors that reveal this problem. In addition, the thinness and feature of the skin on the cartilage and the shape of the cartilages are also important. There are multiple reasons for prominent ear formation. In addition to the weakness of the cartilages, the absence of ear folds in some areas inside the ear and the fact that the hollow part inside the ear, called the concha, is more protruding than it should be, causes this problem to occur. In other words, in the presence of at least one of these factors, the appearance of a prominent ear will appear.


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What should be considered before the prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear operatıon is done in cooperation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist. At this point, the patient should meet with both the surgeon and anesthesiologist and ask all the medical questions before surgery. During the consultation, each small detail must be discussed. In addition, all points that are likely to cause problems before surgery should be emphasized. Just like in other aesthetic operations, prominent ear aesthetics require the doctor’s approval for the medications used by the patient before the operation. Because some drugs have a blood-thinning effect. In addition, the use of herbal teas, ginger and licorice root should be avoided before the operation.

Who can have prominent ear urgery?

There may be medications that people with heart or diabetes have to use. It is essential that they inform their doctor about these medications. However, as mentioned above, the use of other drugs should be discontinued at least ten days before the operation. We should say that smoking is among the factors that make the healing process in prominent ear surgery difficult. Considering factors such as blood circulation in tissues and wound healing as well as anesthesia, we should say that smoking patients are one step behind. In addition, patients suffering from overweight are threatened by the same risk. At this point, it is recommended that the patient applies for prominent ear surgery after losing excess weight. However, whatever happens, the patient must not eat or drink anything starting at least eight hours before the scheduled surgery time on the day of the operation.

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