How does the beard grow?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

The beard, which attracts attention as one of the most beautiful clothes of all men in terms of aesthetics, is quite thick in some people, but in some people it is very little. Or, the occurrence of situations such as shedding later causes men to research how to grow a beard. The love of beard starting from adolescence causes people to want a thicker beard in terms of aesthetics.


Beard removal methods

Among the beard removal methods, the most obvious and permanent beard transplant steps draw attention. People who are faced with beardless problems can choose beard transplantation steps as the surest solution if their beards do not grow thanks to hormonal support. However, as the best solution among beard transplant methods, the areas of the hair to be used as donor areas should be chosen well. When the production stages of these selections are completed, the same steps as hair transplantation are followed and the planting steps are completed in a very comfortable way.

Another Method for removing hair

Roots taken from the excess and unnecessary parts of the beard are planted in the areas where there is no beard. In general, even if there is a beard on the cheekbones, the hairs in this area are removed with their roots, since these are quite unnecessary. Beard transplants are made to be used without the slightest trace during root removal. When it comes to beard removal methods, it draws attention as the most effective one. After beard transplantation, the beards that grow on the face become permanent after 4 to 8 months on average.


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Many people who are satisfied with beard transplantation say that in a year or two, the quality of the transplanted hair begins to increase more and therefore becomes more satisfactory. Although people are trying to grow beards with different methods or herbal treatment methods on the market, the most effective method is donor-assisted transplantation. Since there is no surgical intervention during beard transplantation, people continue their normal life on the same day and there is no question of even the slightest trace.

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