How does the swilling go after the facial operation?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

The recovery period of swelling after any aesthetic surgery on the face area is a minimum of 7 days, and the process is lengthened or shortened by 20-30 days in the nose and stretching procedures depending on the degree of aesthetics, in other procedures and according to the aesthetics performed. How the swelling goes away after a facelift, known as facial aesthetics, is one of the most curious subjects. In facelift applications, which are preferred to prevent aging and increase facial beauty, even if the lines on the faces become deep, they are intervened and eliminated. After facial aesthetics are performed with many different methods, swelling occurs on the faces of people due to the procedures. It takes some time to pass.


What can be done to reduce the swelling?

It is necessary to pay attention to many things in order to get rid of swelling due to facelift surgeries. When these will be examined;

  1. The amount of salt consumption should be minimized in order to prevent the increase or formation of edema. Thanks to the consumption of plenty of water, edema formations are prevented and the swelling caused by the surgery disappears a little faster.
  2. When the plasters, which will remain for 3 days after the surgery, are opened on the faces, skincare should be done well. Cleaning should be done with herbal skincare products determined under the control of the doctor.
  3. Those who want to get rid of swelling should not miss post-operative vitamin supplements. It is essential to take the necessary amount of vitamins for both the scars and swelling on the skin to heal in a shorter time.
  4. The use of harmful products such as cigarettes or alcohol will cause both increased swelling and delayed healing of scars. Therefore, users should prefer to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol until the swelling completely goes down and the scars go away.
  5. It is very important to use a face mask after surgery. After the stretching procedures in the areas, it is necessary to wear a mask both during the day and at night for the first week in order for blood to accumulate under the skin and for the facial skin to settle into place. As of the second week, it will be sufficient to wear the masks only in the evening. Masks should be worn regularly until the swelling completely subsides and the scars on the face are gone. These masks will help to make the blood flow on the faces more comfortable, protect them from harmful microbes, and help them heal and reduce swelling in a shorter time.

Taking certain steps into account will help to reduce swelling after surgery.


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