How is Eyelid surgery performed?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations in recent years. Apart from wrinkles or sagging that occurs as an effect of aging, irregular life, too much alcohol, cigarette consumption, and fatigue also make eyelid surgery necessary in some cases. In this article, “How is eyelid surgery performed, who can have eyelid surgery, how long will the eyelid surgery heal?” We will talk about the answers to your questions.

The skin, which has lost its elasticity with aging, first shows the symptoms of this loss around the eyes. These symptoms are droopy eyelids, crowbar lines on the outer edges, under-eye bags and wrinkles on the eyelids. Especially low eyelid, in some cases, creates a lot of discomfort, even it can be in a size that prevents people’s vision. People who want to have eyelid surgery prefer this operation for aesthetics or reasons that will increase the comfort of life.

Eyelid surgery includes procedures applied to the lower and upper eyelid. Eyelid aesthetics can be performed to both eyelids or only one at the same time in line with the needs and wishes of the person.


How is eyelid surgery performed?

Upper eyelid aesthetics are performed due to sagging skin in the upper eyelid. It can be  performed by removing excess skin and muscle tissue in the upper eyelid. For a more effective result, most patients  have upper eyelid surgery along with forehead or eyebrow surgery. Since the incisions are made on the fold line of the eyelid, no scars can be seen.

Lower eyelid operation is the intervention of fat pads that cannot withstand gravity as the patient get older. These fat pads on the cheekbones in young people go down with age. In the lower eyelid operation, the fat pads are hung up, that is, where they should be. After this procedure, if needed, some incisions are made under the eyelashes, fat pads are spread over the area and lower eyelid surgery is performed. Finally, excess skin and muscle tissue is removed. Since the incisions are made under the eyelashes, there is no scar in this surgery.


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Who is suitable for eyelid surgery ?

As we mentioned before, the loss of elasticity of the skin first starts with aging manifests itself around the eyes. For this reason, eyelid surgery is preferred by people aged over 35 . Of course, eyelid surgery can be performed for other reasons and different medical requirements. When such a situation is encountered, eyelid surgery can be performed at any age. As time passes, our skin will continue to lose its vitality and vigor. However, eyelid surgery will show its effect on the face for an average of 7-8 years.

How long it takes to heal from Eyelid surgery ?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a small surgery that takes about 1-2 hours. Post-operative recovery is completed by resting at home for an average of one week. If there is no situation that requires the patient to stay in the hospital, the patient is usually discharged one day after the operation.

People who have eyelid surgery have a more vigorous and lively face after surgery. Regardless of whether a man or a woman, looking younger increases self-confidence. Individuals also feel this self-confidence and happiness after eyelid surgery. The important thing is to make the right transactions in the right place. Although it is seen as a minor surgery or aesthetic operation, eyelid surgery should be performed in well-equipped clinics by surgical doctors.

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