How is Satin's face-lift done?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

The main purpose of the satin face lift is to increase the production of collagen in the skin. As a result of the procedure, the thickness of the skin also increases and radiofrequency energy is used for this procedure. At the end of the procedure, people can see that the sagging appearance of their body and face is reduced. While making the satin face real, the increase of collagen production of the skin is supported and radiofrequency is used for this. This energy is given to all layers of the skin and the skin is provided to form a new tissue. It can be considered as the regeneration of the skin as a result of the complete stimulation of its layers. This procedure does not have any recovery time, so anyone who wants can easily have it done. No pain or pain is experienced. The result of the procedure can be observed for a long time and then a better result is seen. The centers performing the procedure will follow a personalized treatment process.


Effects of Satin's face-lift

Satin face lift is performed for stretching the skin, preventing sagging, shaping and a youthful appearance. This is a procedure that has been done for years and is known for its positive results. It can be preferred by people who want to stretch their skin without surgery. It is a suitable procedure for people of all age groups to have it done. It is highly preferred as it is completely reliable.

Process of Satin's face-lift procedure

During the procedure, radiofrequency waves are given to the skin and the skin is warned to renew itself. In the meantime, the skin tissue becomes hot in order to avoid any damage to the skin. Over time, the skin becomes completely smooth and the appearance of wrinkles disappears. Fine lines on the skin are completely filled and people have smooth skin. The process of satin face lift application helps people gain a younger appearance. The sagging skin becomes tighter and people get a healthy skin appearance.


All information shared with the doctor or the medical team will not be shared without the consent of approval of the patient


We make sure that the patient is knowing all the details of the operation in order to explain  what to expect after the operation


We always strive to provide the necessary efforts to provide the highest quality of professional services to all patients without exception

In which areas is the Satin's face-lift procedure done?

A satin facelift is generally preferred for the eye area. It is also applied to places such as the mouth, neck, chin, lips, and décolleté. It is usually applied in 2 or 4 sessions with an interval of 2 or 4 weeks.

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