How to determine the beard transplantation cost? ​

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

How to determine the beard transplantation cost?

Beard transplantation is undoubtedly the most common transplant procedure after hair transplantation. At this point, many people who do not have beard or have insufficient number of hair in the beard area can have a beard transplant operation. However, beard transplant prices is extremely low compared to hair transplantation. The biggest factor that reveals this situation is the small amount of hair follicles that are transplanted.   

Beard is important because since it is a natural accessory for men. Nowadays, many people do not have a natural beard. Also, there are those who lost their beard for a lot of reasons. The most suitable solution for those people will be beard transplantation.


What are the factors that determine the Beard Transplantation cost?

Just like hair transplantation, multiple clinics provide services in beard transplantation. Beard transplantation stands out as the best option for people who cannot grow a beard and are not satisfied with their beard for any reason. There are such clinics around everyone. You can get information about beard transplant prices by going to these clinics. In addition, there are also those who want to benefit from beard transplantation in order to cover the scar or surgery scar caused by any accident or trauma.

The most curious question about beard transplantation is the cost of the procedure. Since beard transplantation is not as much an operation as hair transplantation, what is known that the rats are much more limited. However, we have to say that there are multiple factors that affect the cost of beard transplantation. It should be stated that factors such as how many roots will be planted and the current amount of hairs in the beard. In addition, the number of sessions is the most important factor in changing the total cost. While a single session is sufficient for some people, it should be said that two or three sessions will be required for the patients who are called beardless. It will be correct to apply to the specialist clinic in order to get the most accurate information about beard transplant prices. After a detailed examination, it may be possible to provide a clear price.


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Is the cost of Beard Transplant important as people say?

We should say that beard transplant cost have reached a level that will appeal to everyone, especially in recent years. Therefore, anyone can benefit from this operation. However, beard transplantation is an extremely serious operation just like hair transplantation. In fact, unpleasant consequences of a faulty procedure may occur due to its direct effect on facial appearance. Therefore, in beard transplantation, the expertise of the person who will perform the operation should be considered rather than the price. It is a necessity to have this operation performed by an expert team managed by an experienced doctor. Because, as we said before, it is an irreversible process.

When it comes to beard transplantation, different prices can be requested for each center and each specialist. The district where the clinic is located is also an important factor to the cost. We can easily say that a beard transplant clinic in Nişantaşı and a clinic in Üsküdar will not have the same prices. There may be some differences in popularity between the two clinics in the same district. Such differences will also show up in cost.

In conclusion, we should point out that the cost is differ according to the number of roots a person needs. Different root requirements can be mentioned for the mustache, chin area, sideburns, cheek area. Beard transplantation is not an operation that shows its effect in a short time. It is necessary to wait an average of one year after the procedure. After deciding what kind of beard the person wants, the whole process will go smoothly.


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