How to determine the cost of Hair Transplantation? ​

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

How to determine the cost of Hair Transplantation? ​

Hair transplantation is a procedure that many people considered as a savior. However, there is a question that been asked,  how much hair transplant will cost for those who are considering to perform this procedure. There are multiple factors affecting hair transplant rates. In particular, we must say that the choice of the clinic has a serious effect on rates. The city and the facilities it offers, especially the district where the hair transplant clinic is located, seriously affect the prices. In addition, there may be a difference in popularity between the two clinics, even if they are in the same neighborhood. Finally, patient expectations and characteristics are also among the factors that affect the rates.


The factors that determine the cost of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant technique is one of the most important factors affecting prices. As everyone knows, FUE is one of the most preferred hair transplant techniques. However, this method is technically very challenging. In addition, it is a technique that requires serious time. For this reason, FUE is more expensive than the traditional strip technique. In addition, in some cases, the price of hair transplantation procedures using the FUE technique is twice as expensive as compared to other methods. However, we can say that due to the advantages of the FUE technique, it deserves the money paid for it to the fullest. First of all, the recovery time is extremely short. In addition, it has more flexible design options. In addition, the fact that it is a relatively new technique brings the FUE technique to the forefront in terms of efficiency. 

The given name to the part of the skin with one to ten hair strands is a graft. At this point, before hair transplant operations, many people go to hair transplant clinics and ask for the price. The answer of the clinic staff and doctors is that the prices change according to the number of grafts. Hair transplant prices indeed differ according to the number of grafts transplanted. Therefore, first of all, a detailed examination of the person’s hair is made. In other words, it is determined how much transplantation it needs. A personalized price is then offered. Therefore, there is a serious relationship between hair transplant prices and the number of grafts.

Many people have severe baldness in their hair. Therefore, we have to say that an average of 2000 grafts are required. When this number is multiplied by the price of the clinic that will perform the hair transplantation procedures per graft, the net price will appear. In addition, some clinics have special discounts for a certain number of grafts and above. In other words, it is possible to benefit from hair transplantation with advantageous conditions.


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Does Hair Transplant rates changes depending on the doctor?

Hair transplant prices also differ depending on the doctor who will perform the procedure. In other words, rates are changing  from doctor to another. In fact, the fees charged by doctors living in different countries of the world for hair transplantation vary. It is true that doctors who work in countries such as North America and Western Europe and focus on hair transplantation demand higher fees compared to their other colleagues in different countries. The fees for such services are determined by looking at the geography and living standards.

Although the choice of doctor is one of the most important factors affecting hair transplantation prices, there is something that those who want to benefit from this procedure should know. Hair transplantation is an extremely serious procedure. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost, service should not be taken from a doctor who does not have sufficient experience in hair transplantation. In addition,  thanks to the development of technology, very modern surgical devices are used in the field of hair transplantation.

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