Is there any reasons to avoid Breast Augmentation surgery?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Breast Augmentation surgery is an operation that many women dream of. Everyone wants to have breasts that look fuller and aesthetically great. However, we witness that some women prefer not to have this surgery even though they need it. So why?


What causes negative prespective about Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation surgery is a very beneficial operation, it is a procedure that many people hesitate to have due to people’s perspective. First of all, the thought of what someone else would say in our society is the biggest obstacle to this operation. However, women, in particular, should not care about what someone else says. Because everyone is responsible for their own life. In other words, every woman resorts to breast augmentation for her own happiness. In addition, it would be correct for those who have undergone Breast augmentation surgery to only talk about this situation to their families and close circles. Otherwise, they will encounter jealous comments from others as we mentioned above.

How much is Breast Augmentation surgery cost? 

One of the prejudices about this surgery is related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women approach this operation negatively because they think that they cannot breastfeed their baby when they became a mother. However, in this surgery, the breast implants are placed under the breast tissue. In this way, the implants do not even cause any damage to the breast tissue or milk ducts. In fact, it is also common for patients who have silicones implants to express that they breastfeed their babies better due to the prominence of their breasts. Although there are some risks in Breast Reduction surgery, it should be said that there will be no problems with breastfeeding in this surgery.

Is it sine to have Breast Augmentation surgery?

Another question regarding Breast Augmentation surgery is whether this operation is a sin or not. It would not be right to make a clear comment on this subject. Since it is an operation that causes people to find peace of mind, it should be discussed how correct it is to consider it as a sin. Another issue is about the risk of the surgery. We should say that the complications of the surgery and anesthesia are minimal. Breast Augmentation surgery does not have any risks other than classical surgery risks. However, possible risks will be minimized if a reliable surgeon is performing the surgery.


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