Neck strength exercises

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Recently, people have started to spend a lot of time at the desk due to studying or business life. Working from home is a situation that appeals to many people because of its convenience. However, in these cases, it is not surprising that the neck of the person is stiff and sore. People can experience severe pain when they stand in front of the computer for hours. In order to prevent this, people can get rid of their pain with neck stretching exercises that can be done at home. Taking a break while working and exercising during this break will reduce the pain of people.


Move the shoulders

Moving the shoulders will have a direct effect with the neck. In order to do this movement, which will help relax the neck muscles, people need to stand up. Then both shoulders should be held with fingertips. Afterwards, the shoulders can be turned forward for a while and backwards for a while. As a result of this procedure, the neck muscle of the person will be relaxed.

Shoulder lift

It should be known that moving the shoulders is directly effective with the neck. Therefore, relaxing the shoulder will also cause the neck to relax. The body should be kept upright for this movement, which should also be done standing up. Shoulders should be lifted up and held for 10 seconds. This process should be repeated several times.

Move the shoulder bones

If the neck hurts, it may also be related to the back. For this reason, moving the shoulder blades is among the exercises that will relax the neck. First of all, people should stand upright and put their hands on their hips. Then he should take the arms to the back by wrapping them in turns.

Another move is to push the arms back while the hands are at the waist. It is one of the most preferred movements for neck stretching exercise. This movement should be repeated 5 times at intervals of 10 seconds.


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Head tilt

People can exercise without getting up from the table. If the neck hurts, tilting the head to the side will be an effective solution. The head is tilted to the right and supported by the right hand. In this way, the neck is relaxed. The same process is done for the left side.

Head back tilt

Another movement to relax the neck is to tilt the head back. This will stretch the neck and reduce pain.

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