Post Bariatric Surgery

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

In the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery there are brand new operations comes to the field every day. With every new technology, solutions are found when it comes to the aesthetic problems that people have been experienced. At this point, post-bariatric surgery has shown its effect within a short time and becomes a popular plastic surgery application.

Many people nowadays have problems with overweight. A significant part of the world is struggling with obesity problem. At this point, both diet and exercise programs are applied in order to get rid of excess weight, and losing weight surgeries can be performed to lose weight. Although it is obvious that the person will be much happier and healthier with the weight lost, however problems might not end. Sagging and deformities will occur in the whole body due to excessive weight loss after surgeries such as stomach reduction. As a result, post bariatric surgical procedures are applied in order to prevent the sagging and deformities we mentioned. Sagging and deformities are likely to occur in the face, arms, back, abdomen, legs and breast due to excessive weight loss.

Post bariatric surgery is an operation that can be performed according to the percentage of sagging and the condition of the patients. At this point, post-bariatric surgery can be performed in sessions with the patient in order to reach the target weight and keeping this weight constant for at least six months. In fact, we can say that more than one surgery can be performed in the same period of time of doing the sessions.


What is Post Bariatric surgery?

Today, people find themselves in a sedentary lifestyle, whether they want to or not. Serious weight gain occurs in both young and elderly people due to their eating habits and lifestyle. People with a higher body mass index than normal should apply for stomach reduction surgery to get rid of these problems. Thanks to this type of surgery, people who have tried other slimming methods but do not benefit in any way to lose weight can benefit from this surgery. After the operation in the stomach, the person loses weight because the person significantly reduces his / her nutrition. In other words, patients have the chance to be satisfied with small portions after gastric surgery.

Post-bariatric surgery is important for people who have had stomach surgery or similar operations to lose weight. In other words, after the weight reaches its ideal point, post bariatric surgery comes into play. It is very unlikely that any deformation will occur in the person’s body due to the weight lost. However, we can say that the level of deformation varies from person to another. At this point, the process of collecting the deformed areas is called post bariatric surgery. We can say that the regions we are talking about are the abdomen, hips, inner legs, arms, breasts and jowl.

Post bariatric surgery is a type of operation that can be successful thanks to the teamwork. It should be stated that the results of this operation will be efficient thanks to the help of general surgeons, plastic surgeons, dieticians and psychiatrists. It is a nice development that a person who finally loses the weight that wants to lose for years realizes that the whole process does not end with this. Post-bariatric surgery should also be used to eliminate problems such as sagging in the body that occur after surgery such as stomach reduction.


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How is Post Bariatric surgery performed?

The surgery that shapes the deformed areas of the person after bariatric surgery is called post-bariatric surgery. Yet, the amount of evacuated skin is much higher compared to classical recovery surgeries. Therefore, we must be clear that the amount of skin to be removed from the body is also large. As we mentioned before, the abdomen, breasts, inner legs and arms are among the areas where recovery is most needed.

Different techniques can be applied depending on the severity of the problems that occur in post bariatric surgery operations. In particular, the loss of volume in the breasts creates serious problems. Due to the disappearance of the glandular layer in this area, it is necessary to collect the skin and place an implant under the muscle. Also, the discharged skin in the abdominal region is cut and stretched. Shaping processes are also extremely important. While shaping the chest area, back and waist areas are also made together. The dimensions of post bariatric surgery are sometimes excessive. The excess number of areas that need to be recovered also changes the duration of the process. Sometimes the patient demands that all of their areas to be healed. Regions such as abdomen, back, arms, chest and legs are desired to be recovered in a single operation or multiple surgeries.

During post-bariatric surgery procedures, prime importance is given to the leg area. In particular, it is important to note that the seams should be hidden and the stitches have an aesthetic appearance. A different procedure can be applied to patients who have serious losses and severe sagging in the leg area. It may be necessary to remove skin from the outer part of the legs, that is, from the visible parts of these patients. Arms, on the other hand, are one of the most striking areas of sagging after this type of surgery. Patients wants to get rid of sagging arms as soon as possible. Because it is not possible to hide the deformation in the arms. Sagging is hidden in the armpit area and the excess skin is removed. By this way, the surgical procedure can be performed by concealing the scar under the armpit.

All post bariatric surgical operations we mentioned are performed under general anesthesia as in many plastic surgeries.

“post bariatric surgery is becoming more common every day. We can say that the prices appeal to everyone's budget“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

What should be considered after Post Bariatric surgery?

We can say that the patient who underwent gastric surgery resorted to post bariatric surgery in order to eliminate the sagging and volume loss after losing weight. By the end of this surgery, a difficult process has been completed for the patient. The last stage has begun for the patient who shows serious patience and dedication. In particular, the shaping of the body of a person who has undergone gastric surgery will only be possible after post bariatric surgery.

Post bariatric surgery is performed under general anesthesia as we mentioned before. The patient must stay at the hospital for two days due to a serious surgery. Patients are usually operated on multiple areas. That’s why they need to wear corsets for a period of one to three months. By this way, they protect their bodies after surgery. Post bariatric surgery will have some side effects. As with any other aesthetic operations, some swelling and bruises may be encountered on the patient’s body. However, we can say that this type of swelling and bruises will disappear within one to three weeks.

Patients must protect themselves after the surgery. Antibiotics should be used for seven days in order to prevent infection risk. If there is any pain, they can also take pain killers. There are some factors that patients should pay attention to in their social lives. First of all, they should avoid lifting weights for at least a month and avoid excessively strenuous sports activities. In addition, smoking should be stopped two weeks before surgery. Smoking is never recommended after surgery. Because smoking will have a negative effect when it comes to healing of wounds.

The patient should pay attention to the resting process after surgery. A patient who rests without doing anything for the first few days will recover faster. Also, blood thinners such as aspirin should not be taken. In additional we can say that the patient needs someone who can accompany him.

As a result, post bariatric surgery is becoming more common every day. We can say that the prices appeal to everyone’s budget.


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Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 4-6 days for the examination and control by the doctor

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