Primary Rhinoplasty

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Nose is undoubtedly the most striking part of the face. The presence of deformities related to the nose are seriously annoying. In addition, if the nose, which is responsible for the sense of smell, does not fulfill this function, the situation should be intervened urgently. The nose, which has functions such as heating, humidifying and cleaning the air we breathe, has a vital function when it comes to continuing our life as a result.

Action should be taken without delay to eliminate the problems related to the nose. The operations performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose are called Rhinoplasty operations. In addition, operations performed only for health reasons regardless of aesthetic concerns are called Septorhinoplasti. In this case, if you are going to have a Rhinoplasty operation for the first time in your life, we should say that you have entered the primary Rhinoplasty process. In other words, Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operation) is done in two different ways, both primary and secondary. If the desired results are not obtained after the first surgery, secondary Rhinoplasty operation is performed to correct this situation.


Why is Primary Rhinoplasty necessary?

We should say that aesthetic reasons are the most important factor in nose aesthetic operations. Rhinoplasty operation is necessary for people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose due to congenital or subsequent trauma. However, it may not always be possible to correct the nose shape that have been disturbed by nose surgeries. Because, the tissue of each patient responds differently to the surgery. In some cases, it is an extremely difficult and labor-intensive process to achieve a symmetrically perfect shape of the nose.

First of all, you can have the chance to change your physical appearance with primary Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operation). By this way patients will be much more confident. However, before any patient decide to have surgery, they should determine their expectations about the operation in a realistic way. In addition, they should share with the doctor exactly what they are expecting from the operation. The most suitable candidates for primary rhinoplasty will be those who aim to improve the appearance of their nose rather than achieve a perfect result. As plus, there are multiple factors that determine the success of primary Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operation). First of all, the choice of surgeon is very important. A surgeon who has knowledge and skills in performing this operation and has a high level of experience should be preferred. The fee that surgeons who do their job well will charge may be a little higher than unexperienced ones. At this point, you should consider the success of the operation rather than the amount of money you will pay.

One of the factors that determine the efficiency of primary Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operation) will be the characteristics of the patient. The patient’s age, general health status, nose structure, the level of deformity in the nose, tissues and other factors depending on the patient also determine the success of the rhinoplasty operation. We have to say that this operation is not as painful and risky as it is thought. However, sedatives are still administered to the patient. No risky situation occurs during the operation performed under general anesthesia During the operation, the skin of the nose is separated from the cartilage and bone tissue located at the bottom. In this way, it is brought into the targeted format.

Shaping in primary Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operations) is done according to the patient’s nose structure and the surgeon’s prediction. In this operation, which is performed open or closed, it is extremely important which technique the surgeon deems appropriate for you. Tissue fragments that create excess in the nose are removed with highly sensitive attractors. The removed tissues can be used to eliminate the deficiency of a different part during the operation. Finally, we should talk about the age at which primary Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic operations) should be performed. This operation can be performed for men and women between the ages of 17-18. It will be risky to have it done before these ages. First of all, the completion of nose development should be expected. In addition, we must take into consideration that the decisions made by individuals under the age of 18 when we think that they are not yet mature will be wrong. In particular, it would be appropriate for a patient who clarifies his/her expectations about his physical appearance to apply for this operation.


All information shared with the doctor or the medical team will not be shared without the consent of approval of the patient


We make sure that the patient is knowing all the details of the operation in order to explain  what to expect after the operation


We always strive to provide the necessary efforts to provide the highest quality of professional services to all patients without exception

How is Primary Rhinoplasty surgery performed?

If you are a patient who has not had Rhinoplasty before, we must say that you are suitable for primary surgery. This operation is performed to correct situations such as large, short, wide and broken nose. We should be clear those who have an arched nose structure or those with a collapsed nose can also have a nose job. Rhinoplasty operation is not only done due to aesthetic concerns. We should clarify that those who suffer that from nasal congestion also resort to this operation. In this way, breathing problems are corrected. Regardless, the best nose after Rhinoplasty will be the nose that is both breathable and best suits the person’s face.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed with open or closed techniques as we mentioned before. If this operation is started with a very small incision from the tip of the nose, the technique applied is called open technique. In the open technique, the surgeon’s angle of view is extremely high. In other words, it dominates the entire anatomical structure. As additional, problems in cartilage and bone structures become obvious. We should also explain that the corrections made after the operation were clearly seen. In short, no different surprises are encountered. Finally, we should be clear that the open technique is a technique that is treated more respectfully to the anatomical structure of the nose.

If you want to have a primary Rhinoplasty operation, you need to know which technique will be applied to you! Closed technique is applied only if there is a problem in the bone and middle cartilage part of the nose. In other words, closed technique is used in cases where no correction is made at the tip of the nose. However, if it is desired to make some changes at the tip of the nose, open technique is applied. We should clear that the closed technique is often preferred in primary Rhinoplasty. Because, open technique is needed if performing revision (secondary) Rhinoplasty operations. Nevertheless, which technique will be applied will be decided after detailed examinations by the surgeon.

“Contrary to what is assumed, Primary Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that is performed with very simple touches“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

How much time the healing process take after Primary Rhinoplasty surgery?

Primary Rhinoplasty is often done under general anesthesia. Although the duration of the operation varies according to the surgeon who is performing the operation, it usually varies between 1- 1.5 hours. It is possible to be discharged on the same day after the operation. However, if any complications occur, it is recommended to stay at the hospital for one day in order to intervene in any situation.

No tampon is used in primary Rhinoplasty operations. However, after the operation is over, an aluminum plaster is placed on the nose. This plaster is taken off during the fifth or sixth day after the operation. As we have mentioned before, Rhinoplasty (nasal aesthetic) operation does not mean a very troublesome process. However, the patient should have a good rest after the operation. A patient who rests for a week and survives the first effects during this period can return to work the next week. Those who want to swim must wait for at least ten days. It is recommended to take five days to get on the plane.

There are also different issues that those who intend to undergo primary Rhinoplasty should know. If you have a heavy job, you must take a break from your job for a while after the operation. Because, any damage could accrue during this period when your nose takes the shape, will cause all your efforts to be wasted. Those who want to do sports should wait for at least two weeks. Again, at least one month after the operation, light glasses can be used.

As a result, the patient should pay attention to the above details for primary rhinoplasty!


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Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 4-6 days for the examination and control by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 10 days, keeping in mind that the patient should be following the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 2-5 hours, depending on each patient condition

People over the age of 18 and in good health condition 

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