Rhinoplasty. Reasons to do the operation.

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Rhinoplasty operation, why is it needed? – Considering all the plastic surgeries performed on the body, it is one of the most preferred operations. Thanks to this operation, people aim to have a nose that is compatible with their faces and admired by themselves and others. It is done for both aesthetic and functional reasons. In recent years, people prefer to undergo this operation in order to obtain a natural nose appearance rather than for aesthetic purposes. In addition, it is extremely important that the nose performs its functions completely.


What to expect after Rhinoplasty?

Expectations from Rhinoplasty operation differ for everyone. At this point, those who are considering an operation should clarify their expectations. In addition, communication between the patient and the doctor is extremely important. The patient should share what kind of nose he/she needs with his / her doctor and together they should decide on the most suitable nose shape for the patient. Rhinoplasty is usually done with open and closed techniques. As we said before, the doctor should decide which method is suitable for the patient.

Why is a Rhinoplasty needed?

In order for the Rhinoplasty operation to be successful, it is necessary to choose an experienced and expert doctor. Those who want to benefit from this operation should choose between a plastic surgery specialist and an otolaryngologist. While an otolaryngologist is required for functional disorders related to the nose, a plastic surgery specialist is preferred for aesthetic problems. However, there are exceptions to this situation. We should say that experienced surgeons of both branches can perform Rhinoplasty surgeries.

How should you choose a doctor?

In the selection of a nose aesthetic doctor, first of all, patients should convey to their doctors what they want to change in their noses. In addition, it is imperative that the physician honestly describes what can be changed in the patient’s nose. Because the patient’s wishes may not always coincide with the postoperative results. As a result, everyone can benefit from this operation, as the prices of Rhinoplasty are also affordable.


All information shared with the doctor or the medical team will not be shared without the consent of approval of the patient


We make sure that the patient is knowing all the details of the operation in order to explain  what to expect after the operation


We always strive to provide the necessary efforts to provide the highest quality of professional services to all patients without exception

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