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It’s obvious how valuable women’s looking! At this point, many women prefer to take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology in order to have a much better appearance. In the past years, the number of aesthetic operations was quite low. However, we can say that important operations such as leg lift surgery are performed these days.


What is Thigh Lifting surgery?

Due to ageing and continuous weight gain and loss, some problems naturally occur to the body. In addition of sagging in the abdomen and arm areas, there may be some sagging in the leg area. In particular, we can say that the loosening and sagging of the inner leg of women cause an annoying appearance. This is a nightmare especially for women who like to wear skirts. We can say that problems such as sweating and diaper rash occur when the inner surfaces of the legs rubs together when walking. In addition to the difficulties during walking, aesthetically unpleasant appearance occur, especially in the inner surface of the leg. If the patient is having difficulties due to this situation, they should know that now there is a solution! It is possible to get rid of this problem completely with thigh lift surgery.

The most important question that been wondered by many people is who is suitable for thigh lift surgery! We should say that people who gain and lose weight frequently can perform this surgery in order to eliminate problems such as sagging and loosening in the leg area. In addition, we should mention that anyone who has sagging and loosening in the inner part of the thigh and the tissues in the buttocks due to reasons such as sun and aging can undergo this surgery.


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How is Thigh Lift surgery performed?

Leg lift surgery, where the risk and pain is extremely low, can be performed in three different ways. Yet, when deciding how to perform the surgery, the condition of the sagging leg, skin abundance and adipose tissue is taken into consideration. Considering these issues, the operation is carried out so that the inner leg is horizontal, or the inner leg is horizontal and vertical, or the inner leg is vertical. In addition, drawings are made while the patient is standing before the leg lift surgery. In other words, the maximum width of the leather that can be brought to end between the fingers is marked in the form of an ellipse towards the string. During the operation, extreme care should be taken. In the inner part of the leg, horizontal and vertical skin and fat tissues are removed, paying attention to the protection of other tissues up to the muscle sheath.

We have stated that leg lift surgery cannot be performed for everyone. Some patients have a very serious level of fat in their legs. Therefore, a condition called advanced stage prolapse occurs. In such cases, first liposuction is performed and the fat mass is evacuated. Then, the sagging skin piece is surgically removed. As a result, the leg is much more smooth and taut.

After leg lift surgery, the satisfaction rate of the patients is quite high. Starting from the inner part of the leg, continuing to the butt fold in the back and ending with the inner leg fold, a straight stitch line and scar occurs. In other words, as in any plastic surgery, a scar remains in leg lift surgery. However, the scar usually heals in a short time. In some cases, the healing process is delayed. If the scar does not pass in a short time, scar treatment can be applied. In the long term after the operation, pink-colored scars occur in the area where the operation performed. As a result, we can say that even though if there are minor troubles, the leg and inside of the leg satisfy the patient. By the end of the operation, the weight on the knee joint is also released.

“Thigh Lift surgery is one of surgeries that requires a long recovery period due to the sutures. The stitches are removed 10-15 days after the surgery.“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

How long is healing process after Thigh Lifting surgery?

Leg lift surgery is one of the aesthetic operations with the longest recovery time due to stitches. Sutures are removed after 10-15 days of the operation. Besides, we have to say that the pain is very little. In particular, some deep sutures were placed inside to hang the leg. Therefore, some pain may occur in these areas during the first few days. In addition, we should point out that internal seams will melt late.

After the leg lift, the legs are completely bandaged. Plastic pipes that bring blood and other fluids together, called drains, should be placed inside the operation area in the inside of the legs. Drains usually taken in two to seven days. In some cases, it can be taken later. After the operation, taking care of the patient is also extremely important. Blood thinners are started soon after. In particular, drugs such as low molecular weight heparin can be used. In addition, the patient stands up and starts walking on the first day after the surgery.

After the operation, the patient should be checked regularly. The first check is done two days after discharge. In addition, the legs should always be kept elevated during the first two weeks. Also, avoiding excessive sweating is essential. As plus, we should state that it is forbidden to exercise during the first six weeks. It is possible to start light walking after only three weeks.

After leg lift, some visible symptoms will be encountered in the patient. Especially during the first few days, we should express that there will be some swelling in the legs. In some cases, bruises are also encountered. Swelling will reach the highest level in the first 48 hours. However, we should also state that it will decrease gradually in later times. The patients’ stitches should be supported by taping at varying time intervals for one to three weeks.

Many people wonder how soon they will return to their original state after surgery! Patients can go for a walk within a week at the latest. It is possible for them to go to school or work. However, we should state that the stitches in the inner part of the leg and in the areas extending to the butt will heal longer than normal. Those who want to overcome the process experienced after the operation without any problems should use a corset. The corset should be worn for at least a month. In cases where the problems in the legs are serious, the use of a corset may take up to three months. As additional to all of these, we should explain that there are some risks during the healing process. Especially in the small areas seams may occur. However, we should clarify that the opening is partially realized and not very serious. As plus, problems such as serum fluid accumulation, infection, obstruction in deep veins and skin necrosis may occur. Nevertheless, many people survive the leg lift surgery process from the beginning to the end without any problems.

How much is the cost of Thigh Lifting surgery?

It is not possible to give clear information about the cost of leg lift surgery, which is also called thigh lift. Those who want to get a price before the operation cannot access this information. The main factors determining the prices are the health status and personal characteristics of the patient. We should state that the sagging situation is also an important in order to determinant the cost. In additional, prices differ if other procedures are performed in addition to leg surgery. If liposuction is in required, it should be stated that the prices will increase even more.

As a result, we should mention that leg lift surgery has become much more accessible compared to previous years. In other words, their prices won’t strain the budget.


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Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 7 days for the examination and control by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 10-15 days, keeping in mind that the patient should be following the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 3-5 hours, depending on each patient condition

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