What to consider after beard transplantation?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

What to consider after beard transplantation?

After Beard Transplantation, one of the factors that make men have lack in self-confidence is  an empty beard. Thanks to technology, the solution to this problem experienced by men due to aesthetic concerns can be found. Although beard transplantation is not as popular as hair transplantation, it is a  procedure that many men are having . The number of men who are having this procedure is increasing day after day due to new technologies in beard transplantation and the new techniques as well as technological facilities.

It is necessary to pay attention to some factors during and after the beard transplantation. The thin skin of the face and the skin to be transplanted is much more sensitive compared to the hair. It is among the factors that make beard transplantation more difficult in comparing with Hair Transplantation. In addition, we should explain that the healing process is longer and more sensitive after beard transplantation comparing to hair transplantation. Beard transplant operations is usually achieves one hundred percent success at the end of a year. In other words, it is imperative that those who have undergone this procedure to wait for a while and take care not to experience hair root loss during this period. 


What to do after beard transplantation?

We should state that the healing process after the beard transplant is not a fearful period. However, there are things to be considered after beard transplantation, as after any surgical procedure. When the patient survives the first three days, he can start washing process immediately afterward. An average of 70 percent of the healing process is overcome during the first days. We should state that the patient who strictly follows the recommendations of his doctor after the beard transplant will overcome this process without any problems.

During beard transplantation, hair root placement areas are opened to the face area as large as the head of a pin. It is necessary to use antibiotics for an average of one week. After overcoming the first month, Hair loss shock might occurs in the beard, just like in hair transplantation. In this way, hair follicles will be renewed as soon as possible. It should be said that the beard will grow much thicker than before after a while. The most critical period after beard transplantation is the first one week period. We should state that the patient will recover greatly during this period. In other words, the patient who passes the first week without any problems is less likely to experience distress afterwards.


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What are the changes that need to considered after beard transplantation ?

After the beard transplant, the patient should pay close attention to the first three days. This operation takes between three to six hours. There is no need for the patient to stay in the hospital. However, it is still important to have a companion during this period. During the first three days, the patient should take care  that the face is not tilted forward. After this procedure, the patient should avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption as much as possible. In addition, no water should be touched to the area where the grafts been transplanted. The crusts on the hair follicles should not be touched. The patient should be careful not to touch the transplanted area while wearing and taking off his clothes. Finally, it is recommended that the patient lies on his back during the first three days.

The patient who survives the first three days should use the medications given in the first month. The face should be washed as recommended by the doctor. In addition, any movement that puts pressure on the face should be avoided. After the beard transplantation, the area should not be scratched in order not to move the hair follicles. The patient should be carful while drying the face with a towel and too much pressure should not be applied to the face.

Finally, the patient should know that he might experience hair loss shock after the first month which is normal. In addition, it should never be shaved during the first three months.

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