When does the tip of the nose set down after Rhinoplasty?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

People sometimes prefer rhinoplasty in order to have a quality respiration and sometimes to have a beautiful appearance. Even if this process is a painful process, it will pass easily when it is done under the control of specialist physicians. The most important detail that people should pay attention to while having aesthetic surgery is a doctor who is an expert in his field. At this point, people should be patient and wait for the process to end in order to heal. In addition, it is necessary to act carefully during the process. A nose that has just been operated on can be damaged as a result of careless behavior. Therefore, it is necessary for people to carefully wait for the healing process to end.


When does the tip of the nose will set down?

After aesthetics, people have a certain healing process. Nose tip lift occurs due to the placement of tampons after aesthetics. The reason for this rise is the presence of bumpers. When the tampons are removed, the elevation will decrease and the nose tip of the people will have a normal appearance. The time to remove tampons is usually one week, and at the end of a week, people can have a normal appearance.

After plastic surgery, the tip of the nose becomes swollen. This swelling will last about two or three weeks on average. This time will vary depending on how the surgery is performed. People can have plastic surgery either open or closed. The healing process of closed surgeries takes a shorter time. After the operation, attention should be paid to the nose and careful cleaning should be ensured. It is absolutely necessary not to touch the nose too much.


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After Rhinoplasty surgery

There are many details that people should pay attention to after rhinoplasty surgery. As a result of aesthetics, people should not expect an instant improvement. It takes a long time to recover after surgery. It would not be correct to make an evaluation for the appearance two weeks after the plastic surgery. Over the years, the shape of the nose will fall into place and will take on a more beautiful appearance. For this reason, it is necessary for people to be patient after the surgery process. Expecting a quick result will lead to disappointment. If the nose is well taken care of after the surgery, no complications will occur.

Chronic wound healing time after RHinoplasty

Wounds that do not heal within three months of rhinoplasty are called chronic wounds and are classified under three main categories: Diabetic wounds, pressure sores, and wounds due to venous hypertension. With proper wound care, most chronic wounds heal without surgical treatment.

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