Which silicone implants can be used in breast surgeries?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Which silicone implants can be used in breast surgeries?

Breast Silicone Implants in Breast surgeries is an operation that many women dream of. The size of women’s breast tissue varies due to different factors. There are differences in breast tissue due to breastfeeding, especially genetic factors, and excess weight gain and loss. In addition, the proportionally small size of the breasts, existing deformities and sagging in women whose development is completed also cause serious problems. Breast aesthetics is the only remedy for increasing the breast tissue volume and achieving the targeted aesthetic breast appearance.

Silicone breast implants are used in order to eliminate the situations mentioned before. During breast augmentation surgery. Although there are question marks about these implants, we have to say that they are natural looking. They can keep their shape for many years. Besides, they do not even need any additional processing.


What is breast implants? what they do?

Before breast implant surgery, the patient is subjected to a detailed examination. During the examination, factors such as breast tissue, size, shape and the desired breast size of the patient are taken into consideration. In the light of these factors, the breast implant to be used and the size of the prosthesis are decided. However, the implant or prosthesis is determined in accordance with the breast structure of the patient. In other words, the type and size of the implants to be used varies from patient to another. With the appropriate selection of implants, breast implant surgeries are ensured to be successful. The most commonly used method for breast augmentation in the world is silicone implants. Fat injection to the breast is another procedure for breast enlargement.

Breast implant is used in order to imitate breast tissue that has lost its volume or does not have the required volume during breast augmentation operations. The implants used in these operations contain silicone material and are also called silicone implants. We can say that breast implants are extremely robust. The most important feature of the breast prosthesis is that its outer surface is covered with a durable silicone. However, in contrast to the outer parts, we can say that the inner parts are soft and gel-like. In addition, implants have different properties in terms of shape, size, surface and content. Implants with smooth or rough surfaces are also available in saline, silicone gel or both silicone and saline solution.


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What are the types of breast implants?

The content of the prostheses used in breast aesthetic surgery mostly contains silicone material. However, as mentioned before, they are named according to their different properties. Breast implants are divided into round and anatomical two according to their shape. Round breast silicones attract attention with their thick middle part. With the placement in the appropriate area on the breast, they provide a plump appearance in the breast. Drop silicones called anatomical, on the other hand, are known to be thin on the upper part and thicker on the lower part. It creates a plump look in the lower part of the breast. We can say that this prosthesis is preferred because it gives the desired shape to the breast and is more compatible with the anatomical structure of the breast. Which of these prostheses, known as round or anatomical, will be used according to the characteristics and wishes of the patient.

Breast prostheses are also classified according to their content. There are different breast implants with silicone or saline content. There is a protective layer made of silicone outside of the saline-containing breast prostheses. It is extremely easy to place breast silicones containing saline. It is placed empty during the operation, then it is filled with the desired volume of saline. However, if the breast prosthesis is damaged, salty water may leak out. It should not go unnoticed that it is a risky situation. However, they still do not pose a major problem for breast or breast tissue. At the same time, they are heavier and harder than silicone prostheses.

The outer sheath of breast implants is covered with an extremely durable silicone material. The high pressure resistance of these prostheses has been tested by laboratories. Most prosthesis companies give a lifetime warranty against explosion. We can say that among the rough and flat surface prostheses, the rough ones are preferred more because they cause less capsular contracture that deforms the breast after surgery.

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