Why breast lifting surgery is necessary?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

For many women, the aesthetic appearance of their breasts is important. Breast lift operation is necessary for those who experience loss of tissue and flexibility in their breasts due to different reasons. Although breast surgeries are getting more popular every day, we should say that breast lift is a surgery that many women dream of.


What are the causes of breast lifting surgery?

Breast lift surgery is necessary for women who are not satisfied with their current breast structure and aesthetic appearance. The appearance of the breast area is very important for women. A significant part of the changes that occur due to aging and weight gain occur in the breasts. We must express that such changes are extremely annoying for women.

The changes that occur in female breast are evaluated by looking at the area called the breast fold line, which contains the breast volume. The fact that the nipples are above the breast fold line is a detail that shows that the person has a normal breast image. However, if the nipples are below the breast fold line, we must say that there is an abnormal situation. In other words, it means breast sagging has started. In particular, the fact that the nipples look down completely will be one of the details that show that breast sagging is at the most advanced level.

There is a lot of woman who are not happy with the body that they have. It is much more annoying for women who do not like the appearance of their breasts. When the breast appearance is not as desired, breast lift surgery is performed. There are different reasons for breast sagging and deformation, which is the number one cause of breast lift surgery.

  • Gaining and losing weight  will disrupt the structure of every part of the body and cause sagging of the breasts.
  • Aging causes a natural change that occur in every person. The damage left on the body by the time also shows itself in the form of sagging in the breast area. Breast lift operation is needed to compensate for serious volume losses in the breasts.
  • Another factor is gravity. Deformations that occur due to both time and gravity also show their effect on the breasts.
  • Sagging breasts are likely to occur after pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding processes that been experienced by many women. Due to the physical changes experienced after pregnancy, breast lift surgery is frequently performed. Likewise, the increase in milk production in the udders due to breastfeeding causes an increase in udder volume.

As a result, breast lift surgery is required due to the reasons we have mentioned above.


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What to consider before breast lift surgery?

With the effect of technology in breast aesthetics, there are innovations every day. The size standards of each region in the breast should be determined and the breast appearance that provides the most ideal and beautiful image suitable for this should be determined. In other words, it is aimed to apply the most accurate measurements and techniques to the person in breast lift surgery.

Before Breast Lift surgery, as it is in any other plastic surgeries, physical examination should be done by the surgeon. The size and percentage of sagging in the breasts will be evaluated. In addition, the amount of mammary gland is checked. As a result, the most appropriate breast lift surgery is decided considering the expectations of the patient.

The techniques to be performed during breast lift surgery are determined by the amount of sagginess in the breast. These surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia. If there is no excessive sagging in the breast of the patient, it is aimed to lift using only prosthesis. Finally, breast lift is performed only by a surgical operation.

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