Why Tummy Tuck is needed?

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Tummy Tuck operation is important for the appearance, especially for women. Thanks to the plastic abdomen operations, which are the favorite of many women, a much better body appearance is obtained. We should mention that abdominal operations are almost as popular as Rhinoplasty, especially in recent years. Undesirable looking occur in the abdomen area for people who gain and lose weight due to various reasons such as natural birth. Due to the increase in the number of births and the weight gain and loss of weight. A visible sagging skin occurs in the abdominal skin area. It’s the same changes for people who fall below the ideal weight. In order to get rid of this appearance, we can say that a Tummy Tuck operation is necessary.


Reasons to perform Tummy tuck operation:

For women, the birth process is difficult. Many problems can be experienced, especially nausea and vomiting, due to hormone changes during birth. If it is the first time to give birth, we can say that there will not be any problems, especially in the abdomen area. However, some problems may occur for thin women or women who are pregnant with twins. For women who are below their ideal weight, skin sagging may occur by bending forward, as well as abdominal cracks. The protruding appearance of the abdomen is seriously annoying looking.

Although there are problems that may occur after the first birth. With the second birth, serious aesthetic problems occur in general. In other words, all women who give birth to their second child will have a loosening of the abdominal area skin. While some women can get rid of this look naturally. It should be stated that other women with a strong dermis layer, which is the lower layer of the skin, can get rid of this appearance as soon as possible if they exercise regularly. On the other hand, since not every woman has the opportunity to do sports, in this case, a Tummy Tuck operation is necessary.

Can Tummy Tuck operation be performed after more than one birth?

The deformations that occur for women who give birth more than two are much more serious. Compared to other women, there is a serious sagging of their skin. In addition to fat and sagging under the navel, the cesarean scar will take its place in the abdomen area permanently for women who give birth by cesarean operation. In addition to the bad abdominal appearance for women who give birth too many, female genital organs sag down. This situation will bring down the self-confidence of women and also create problems while cleaning the genital area.

People who need Tummy Tuck operation are not only women who have given birth more than once. The same is true for those who frequently gain and lose weight. Especially those who gain and lose weight over ten kilos experience as much abdominal sagging as a woman who has given two births. We can say that they have the same condition as women who have given birth, except that their abdominal muscles are not damaged. Intra-abdominal organ lubrication is also a condition that happens to those who consume alcohol. The abdominal muscles of these people also weaken.


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What can be done in Tummy Tuck operation?

Due to the above reasons, a Tummy Tuck operation is necessary. Thanks to the development of medicine and technology, new and efficient methods are used in Tummy Tuck operations compared to the past. Apart from classical liposuction, some operations can also be performed with Tummy Tuck operation such as Laser Liposuction. A Mini tummy Tuck is also preferred by many people. Mini Tummy Tuck operation is best performed by removing the abundance of skin under the belly button. Besides, we must say that a full Tummy Tuck is also the savior of many women. A full Tummy Tuck, which is a stretching method in which the whole abdomen can be corrected up to the bottom of the breast is one of the most efficient methods. Finally, we can state that both liposuction and Tummy Tuck can be performed together in women with excess weight.

why Tummy Tuck operation is needed?
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Why Tummy tuck is needed?

Why Tummy Tuck is needed? Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz  Tummy Tuck operation is important for the appearance, especially for women. Thanks to the plastic abdomen

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